Spice extracts, Oleoresins

Oleoresins, SCFE Extracts, Spray dried products and many other value-added products are created from various Spices. We assist our customers to develop Production technologies to meet the highest industrial standards.

Essential Oils

The quality of essential oils lies in the degree of closeness of the aroma to its natural profile. We design and develop process plants that will retain the quality of the product with ratios of top note, middle note and base note close to its nature. Purpose – built oil distillation plants are built for specific raw materials.


Clean and Ground Spices

Dehydration is the first stage value addition in the use of raw spices. It aids in its preservation and allows the conversion of the raw materials to make further value-added products like spice Powders and blends. We have unique technologies that make dry spices and dehydrates, which will ensure that it meets the quality requirements. We possess technologies capable of producing dry and ground spices while preserving their inherent aroma and flavor

Botanical Extracts

There is an increase in demand for different botanical extracts worldwide. These are used in Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Functional Foods and other health and wellness products. Our experts can help make standardised Botanicals for the world market.


Floral extracts - Concentrates & Absolutes

We implement cutting-edge technologies like Supercritical Fluid Extraction, SCC, and Solvent extraction. These are used in high end perfumery and flavour applications.

Tea and Coffee Extracts

Our tea and coffee processing expertise supports customers in establishing facilities for instant powders and cold/hot brew concentrates. We use latest technologies for producing high quality tea and coffee extracts and aromas, for an extensive portfolio of products, for different applications and markets.


Fruit and Vegetables

We assist in setting-up of processing units for dehydrated fruits and vegetables, aroma separation units, Juice concentrates for Beverages and purees for different food application like ketchup and dressings.


We help our clientele to conceptualise, create products, develop formulations and commercialize the products to meet the requirements of nutraceuticals markets across the world.


Functional Ingredients

Natural products like anti-oxidants need to be in their concentrate form to meet the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) requirements. This is very important in Functional food and beverages. Our R&D team can develop products with scalable process and with up-to-date technologies.

Food & Beverage Applications

Natural origin Food and Beverage application products is a great market opportunity These ingredients are very complex to processes due to the presence of natural colours and flavours. We design processes, improve on existing ones, and convert these from the laboratory to manufacturing level.


Encapsulation & Spray Drying

Encapsulation with protective barriers safeguards natural bioactive compounds from environmental degradation. Subsequent spray drying converts the encapsulated material into free-flowing powders with extended shelf life, preserving sensory attributes and efficacy. This can unlock the full potential of natural products! Encapsulation guards against spoilage, and spray drying delivers convenient, long-lasting powders. Preserve potency, aroma, and market value. We support our clients to utilise this technology and make stable products supply to market

Fish & Meat Derivatives

Revolutionize your approach to sustainability with our cutting-edge utilization of fish and meat waste, crafting premium value-added products for food and nutraceutical industries. From Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Collagen and Protein Hydrolysates, our innovative processes transform overlooked resources into sustainable and nutritious solutions. Dive into a future where waste becomes a source of pride and well-being, addressing the escalating demand for functional and health-promoting ingredients. Join us in this transformative journey towards a sustainable and healthier tomorrow.